Wednesday 27 November 2013

New beads: Old favourites

The consequence of writing a blog is you do tend to get a bit obsessed with new things; new beads, new collections, new bracelets...  I often wonder if I didn't write Curling Stones whether I would end up with *quite* as many new beads from the latest collections?  Oh who am I kidding; of course I would... 'cos they're new and shiny!

I was on my way to see the rest of the new Christmas Collection as 2 beads in another shop window caught my eye on the way, a lovely Chakra Colours and an amazing Azure Bubbles.  I popped them on the end of my bangle to get these shots and then popped them into my bag; after paying for them of course, not in a shoplifting kind of way!

When I got home I was able to take a few more leisurely shots...

Sometimes the beads that catch your eye are old favourites; I have both these beads in my bead box and I've always intended to get multiples, but like many before me I've been somewhat waylaid by all the shiny new collections - finally I bought some old beads!

Couldn't resist a quick bangle combo with some other old favourites!

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