Tuesday 10 September 2013

Skeleton Spirit Bangle

Whilst I wait for the rest of my Trollbeads order from the Fall Collection, I started playing around with some of the beads I bought on the day.  Bangles are the obvious choice for quick play as you only need a few beads and you're done.  

No surprise to me I went straight to Skeleton Spirit, the silver bead I'd been dying to try out!  Meet Lenny! 

Yes he's already been named, it's not something I normally do but this was an exception - although it may get confusing if I eventually get another... or not?!?

One retailer has already reported that there is a variation within this bead, which is very unusual given it's a silver production bead - it's to do with the angle of his head, mine is slightly inclined to the right as you look at Lenny head on, apparently the bead also comes with the head looking straight on too!

I don't have any photos myself of the bead looking straight ahead but I have seen some on Trollbeads Gallery Forum on a stunning silver bracelet using SIX of these beads.  To me, the bead looks fab either way, but if you are a little bit particular about your beads you may want to check this out with the retailer before you buy.

Skeleton Spirit is such an easy bead to use on a bangle, just pop a bead either side and away you go!

L-R: Saffron Faceted Glass, Skeleton Spirit, Masala Faced Glass

Skeleton Spirit flanked either side by retired zodiac birthstone stars - Capricorn/Onyx

L-R: Faceted Amber Unique, Skeleton Spirit, Saffron Faceted Glass

So which one have I been mostly wearing since the weekend?

Although a 2nd Skeleton Spirit wasn't part of my recent orders for the rest of the Fall Collection I'm not sure I'll be able to resist another one... 


  1. I can confirm that Lil' Bob's head is positioned straight though he has a bit of a downwards gaze going on... I'm sat waiting for my second to arrive!!

    Now I'm hoping the new arrival has a tilt ;)

    1. Aw pensive Lil' Bob! I love the tilt on Lenny, gives him a character... but also fancy a forward facing one too... and if I could manage it I'd love a family of them! I can see this getting expensive ;)

      Can't wait to see what you do with your duo!

      Mars xx


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