Sunday 29 July 2012

My first purchase

So I had been drooling over the Official Trollbead Website for a good few months before I went to see some *actual* trollbeads in a shop.

I went into town (a rare occurrence these days) and I decided to pop into Beaverbrooks as I knew they were an official Trollbead retailer.  Now that's the thing with trollbeads - you can't just get them anywhere as they are only sold at selected jewellers.

Should you wish to look in your area

My local Beaverbrooks is a Silver retailer, which means they only hold selected stock across the catalogue and not the full range and although I knew had a Platinum retailer also within a 5 mile radius, they were a bit out of my way and not somewhere I normally shop.

The shop visit was very important in order to get the help and advice of an experienced trollbead assistant in order to buy the right size, luckily I hit the jackpot so to speak in that visit with the delightful lady in the local Beaverbrooks branch.

Bracelets come in a variety of sizes as you'd hope and expect, but you buy them much bigger in order that you don't cut off your circulation when it's full of beads.  I had just popped in for a look and I have to say received really excellent service in helping me to choose the correct size that I decided to buy there and then.   (17cm in case any kind soul is thinking of buying me a present).  The lock adds a further 2cm to your bracelet (or 3cm if you go for one of the really big locks) and the assistant kept assuring me that it was the right size as when it was full of beads it would fit just right. (Many more beads later I can confirm she was correct).

I bought a silver bracelet with the silver lace lock as part of the invitation bracelet there and then, and my first bead...  silver lucky dragon!  For me I wanted my first bead to represent my trollbead beginning, in Wales with a friend and boy did I wish her all the luck in the world through her journey.

My first bracelet and bead from my local Beaverbrooks

Close up of Lucky Dragon from the top

Silver Lace Lock


  1. I have a bit of dust in my eye ...

    I am so glad you fell in love with them too, and I guessed you'd understand right away why they are so special...... love you LOTS xxxxxxxx

  2. Pesky stuff that dust!

    I would say "you don't know what you started"... but given that I'm now blogging about it as a result of having all those excess bead photos of my phone I think you may just have a small idea of what you started ;)

    Love you too xx


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