Saturday 6 May 2017

Purple leather bracelets oh my!

Bead wise, or should I say bracelet wise, it's Trollbeads that's had me a bit perky this week as they've launched their new look single leather bracelets in a variety of colours and with a unique bead as part of the package... and they've finally done one in PURPLE* leather!!

New purple leather bracelet from Trollbeads - Stock Image

I love leather bracelets, from being a teen and tying leather thong around my wrist and leaving it on way longer (without taking it off) than is probably sanitary, through to the bigger brand and jewellery options from the likes of Trollbeads, Rebeligion and Story and a variety of artisan makers inbetween.

A word of warning for newer collectors - the leather on this version of the bracelet, is 4mm so your regular Trollbeads WON'T fit, other larger hole brands will, as well as some select silvers and of course the Trollbeads larger core range, called Universal Uniques, which is the bead that's being sold with the new bracelets.

New Trollbeads Single Leather Bracelets with unique beads

The beads you get are a bit of a lucky dip with only a few retailers showing you which bead you might get with your bracelet.  They are selling in the UK at £40 for both the bead and the bracelet.

I've mostly stopped buying outside of the UK since sterling took a dive last June, however I did find that one jewellery store worked out cheaper despite the exchange rate, so it's always worth having a quick check if you don't mind hunting out a bargain.  I'm fine with the wait knowing I've saved a few pennies - as that's always been the downside of buying outside of the UK for me.

I have a black and a purple bracelet on their way, I'm so glad the new versions just have the logo embossed onto the leather rather than printed, or my logo issue (I dislike obvious logos on jewellery) might have made these a no no for me.

I'm also really excited to try these with my own beads, as I'm hoping my cores will be compatible, especially as I get to make exactly what I want to wear - skills permitting of course!

What's got you a bit perky this week?

*yes I do know there is a purple two tone version, but I've longed for a purely purple one since I started collecting...


  1. Yes - purple is my favourite colour too so I can imagine how happy this has made you. I look forward to seeing photos of this leather bracelet with your own bead creations on it :)
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. Hiya! How's life been treating you?

      I've been waiting/hoping for such a long time to get something in purple leather, so I really am over the moon, I just hope it lives up to my much longed for and possibly too high expectations ;)

      I'm going on a 1 day course this weekend for the beadmaking so looking forward to being with glassy folk, have a practice and a go at new things, theme is quite sparkly so that's always fun!

      Mars xx

  2. I was looking to buy a bracelet for myself and a friend who is currently doing and these ones are perfect. I really love their designs.


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