Wednesday 23 March 2016

To A-Z or Not to A-Z...

As my regular readers know, it's normally about this time of year that I start declaring my crazy intentions to blog from A to Z throughout April, usually with a theme, vague (2014) or specific (2015)!

This year I still haven't decided whether or not I can commit to the month, life is pretty crazy and April doesn't get any easier... I'd set myself an arbitary goal of "If I can get some posts written and a theme chosen and ready for the 21st March Theme Reveal I will!"

As you can see it's the 23rd March now and I haven't...

However whether I do, or don't, I'd really like you all to pop over to see my friend who is taking part for her first year... if you like Curling Stones I think you'll enjoy her A to Z series for sure...

I know I can't wait to read these!

As for me, I think it's going to be a decision I make on the 31st March - I may well be the last blog on the list if I do sign up!

Will you be reading or writing any of the A to Z Bloggers this year?


  1. Thanks for plugging my A to Z effort. I vote that you A to Z too! :D

    I feel bad that I don't think I'll be able to visit all of the A to Z blogs. I'm trying to come up with a way to visit new ones and also keep up with a few of the ones that I've discovered just over the last few days since the theme reveal. I love how varied the themes are!

    1. I keep a folder of bookmarks on my main bookmark bar of blogs I visit. I start on the list under my own blog and work down, then revisit ones I enjoy and of course visit back anyone who visits my blog... after a week or so it tends to get more random in the list with new ones and I often blog hop from others comments on other A to Z blogs!

      But having the folder of everyone you've visited and commented on means you've got a record of how many, it's surprising how quickly it can add up. Last year I did more visits but on less blogs, but there were quite a few I followed for the whole challenge.

      Thanks for the encouragement, will see how I get on this weekend I think! You're very welcome on the plug, it's all part of the A to Z fun is helping others find other bloggers :)

      Mars xx

  2. Come on Mars - you know you want to really and it's how I came across your blog so I think you owe it to all those other bloggers who haven't met you yet and once upon a time didn't know anything about beads!! I'm being a minion this year for the first time so I'm quite excited as well as nervous. Now I'm off to check out your friend's blog reveal - Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace a Stormy’s Sidekick minion

    1. Hey congrats on being a minion, fab news!

      Yes, I do really want to, one of the nicest things about the A to Z is meeting all the other bloggers and discovering things you never knew.

      I'm promised myself I'd make a decision after this weekend, I had a go at writing some posts but I still haven't made a decision... I'm not sure what I'm writing works in that regard... got a feeling this is going to be a right to the wire decision!

      Mars xx


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