Sunday 9 February 2014

Stones Bangle

I normally have 3 bangle designs on the go at any time and unlike most of my full silver bracelets my bangles generally stay made up until I change them over.

Having shown you my Sky at Night and Sunrise Blossom bangles that only leaves my Stones Bangle...

Towards the end of last year I ordered my final couple of amber beads and earlier this year I ordered another Green Jasper to go with the one I picked up last Summer.  The new one is more typical of those you see in the stock photos (the middle stone in the photo) but the one from last Summer is a dark glittery green (on the right in the photo); finally I paired all these up with a sparkly (which I've failed to capture on the photo) labradorite  and voila, a green and yellow cream stones bangle!

Stones Bangle (L-R): Labradorite, Amber, Green Jasper, Amber, Green Jasper.

Now I'm just waiting for my backfilled silvers sale order to arrive and I can start all over again!

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