Sunday 10 February 2013

John Greed Jewellery's Valentine's Day Blogger Challenge

Normally, as most readers know, I ramble on about my trollbeads collection in what may seem like quite a haphazard fashion.  Blog posts normally follow bead collecting patterns, a bracelet I've made or something that happened that week.  

My mood board for the John Greed Blogger Challenge
Center and repeated around the edges: Rocky Beach Kit £115
Bottom right: Silver Sea Urchin £35 and Silver Starfish £35
Top left: Green Jasper £47
Total £232

Today's blog post is courtesy of twitter; a fellow blogger mentioned the John Greed Jewellery's Valentine's Day Blogger Challenge.  Well one should always have a peep at these things... the challenge is to create a mood board (mine shown above) made up of jewellery from John Greed that you would like to have for Valentine's Day and to tell why you want these, the spending limit was £250 and you must pick a minimum of 4 items.  So as every bead has a story, here is my story and why I would love these beads!  

Flamborough Head, February 2006

Any wintery, cold and bracing but dry day, including Valentine's Day, is always improved by a drive up the coast with my live-in geek to Flamborough Head in Yorkshire for a walk along the beach.  I love beaches in winter, probably more than in summer and the east coast is very good for blowing the cobwebs away! It makes returning home to warm winter comfort food and a hot coffee even sweeter!

My jewellery choices to reflect this day can mostly be found in the new Trollbeads Spring Collection 2013.  I used the Rocky Beach Kit with 2 of the new silvers from this Collection and finally Green Jasper from the Trollbeads Autumn 2012 Collection on my mood board resulting in the start of my Winter Beach Bracelet to remember this day.

Something for my live-in geek

Amazingly (for me) there's even change to buy one last thing... a stack of bracelets for my live-in geek so he doesn't feel left out! I'm may have to "borrow" the middle one but I know he'd love the 2 brown leather ones, and at £16.95 for all three there's £1.05 change from the £250 total, bargain!

For all bloggers, fashion lovers and jewellery fans
for details of how to enter this competition please go here.

Happy Blogging and Good Luck to all!


  1. good luck with your moodboard... I think the ambiance and the choices you made in beads... is fantastic !!!

    1. Thanks Patty, that means a lot coming from you with your background.

  2. Good choices and amazing pictures! Those leather bracelets are a bit of a steal! Good luck!xx

    1. Thanks Mike, we both took our cameras out that day, I love windswept beaches in the winter.

      The leather bracelets are great, the brown leather ones would really suit my live-in geek, not so sure about the middle one for him but I think I could find a home for it on my wrist!

  3. Wonderfully evocative...Love this kit and love Flamborough...

    1. Thanks Julie, I love Flamborough in the winter, it was a good day to walk, take photos and blow the cobwebs away! The kit is great, I'm really glad Trollbeads have decided to do a kit of this type, and I think there are lots of different ways to use these beads.

      To my Winter Bracelet, from my collection, I would also add Labradorite and Cozy, I'd also like to get Crab to add to this and then some of the RBF silver beads.

  4. I love the kit and your mood board is amazing! I wish you the best of luck in the competition!

    1. Thank you Frede!

      I really enjoyed doing this as I spent a happy afternoon thinking of different ideas and sketching out what I wanted to say, and then choosing jewellery that would fit this particular wintery walk on the coast; so glad this glass kit has come out!

  5. Lovely post

    1. Thanks Adora for your nice comment :)

      I've been having a meander through your blog, loved what you did with your hair and the photos in Creating Bohemian Waves, I have similarly thick hair and it's the first thing I've seen that might make any impact on it!!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Sadia, glad you found it helpful, feel free to pop in and say hi again :)

      Mars x


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